Festival Transart 2021 @ Fondazione Antonio Dalle Nogare




6 PM



For the third time in a row, the Antonio Dalle Nogare Foundation is hosting a series of concert-installations as part of Festival Transart ‘s INAUDITO project. Between 6 AND 11 PM the museum will be transformed into a stage for contemporary music, surrounded by works from Antonio Dalle Nogare’s private collection and temporary exhibitions by Charlotte Posenenske and Michael Krebber. Please note that on this occasion the museum is only accessible to viewers of the Transart event.



“Twenty years have passed since the death of the French avant-garde composer Iannis Xenakis, and yet his outrageous ideas live on: music conceived as architectural entities – not as language, materialized in changing states – not in narratives. The unique oeuvre of this pioneer takes center stage in the form of a vanishing point in this year’s edition of INAUDITO UNERHÖRT. Two up-and-coming contemporary music formations – ensemble chromoson and NAMES ensemble – will shape the “architecture of Xenakis” – his works for solo instruments as a supporting structure, his works for solo instruments as a supporting structure, like fissures adjoining aesthetics running through the evening. The Italian composer Luigi Abbate also draws a bow to Xenakis with his work “Tamino, les paysages interdits”, which was composed with the UPIC constructed by Xenakis. Like massive pillars, ROHBAUTEN (conceived by composers Döttlinger, Ramsauer, Leboucher and Kerschbaumer), specially designed for the evening, will drill through the sonic construction and blast open the sound-spatial static with massive force.”
– Hannes Kerschbaumer




For more information and tickets for the evening please check out the official website of the festival.







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