TIME. A performance by & with David Lamelas


Design: Studio Mut




Finissage of  I Have to Think About It,

curated by Andrea Viliani with Eva Brioschi

Performance by and with David Lamelas

Conversation Goodbye, David: let’s keep thinking about it…



24 February 2024

Fondazione Live at Monte Pana – 11 AM

Free entry. Participation in the performance upon registration.



Saturday 24 February 2024, at 11 AM, on the last day of the exhibition David Lamelas. I Have to Think About It. Part II, the Antonio Dalle Nogare Foundation will produce the reiteration the artist’s performance piece entitled Time (1970-2024), in collaboration with Zënza Sëida – Biennale Gherdëina, at the Monte Pana.


Time – which will involve both the team of the Foundation and the public – will mark the closing of the exhibition, together with a public conversation – Goodbye, David: let’s keep thinking about it – between David Lamelas, curators Andrea Viliani and Eva Brioschi, and the public participating in the performative action.


The performance Time involves the participants – whose number varies – arranging at a defined time along a line, marked on the ground with tape, string or chalk. The length of this line is flexible and depends on the space and number of participants themselves, who are asked to state the current time to the person next to them, at one-minute intervals, until they reach the end of the line. Time can be kept by counting seconds, or by using a clock.


Before the reactivation that will take place in 2024 at the Monte Pana ski resort in the Dolomites, Time was performed in 1970 in Les Arcs, a locality in the French Alps, within the scope of a multidisciplinary conference on time and space, to which Lamelas was invited by the French art critic and philosopher Pierre Restany.



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Useful information


Please note that the performance will last approximately 40 minutes and will take place in the snow.

It is possible to attend the event even without participating in the performative action.



Places for the performance are limited and registration is required. To register, we kindly ask you to fill in the form.



In case of uncertainty due to bad weather, please visit our website or follow the updates on our social media.



Meeting point: Monte Pana, near the Dolomites Hotel Monte Pana, via Pana 45, 39047 Santa Cristina, Val Gardena. Please meet on the field behind the playground.

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With the support of Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano – Alto Adige. Thanks to Geobau e Marx.

David Lamelas, Time, 1970. Club des Montagnes de l’Arc for International Week, Savoie, France black and white photograph of a performance. Courtesy the artist and Jan Mot, Brussels



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