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The Foundation

The Foundation


The Antonio Dalle Nogare Foundation was established to promote contemporary art as a language for interpreting changes in society, as a tool for promoting interaction between art, architecture, innovation and artistic research and as a means of bringing an increasingly wider public closer to the contemporary.

Antonio Dalle Nogare

What we believe in


The Foundation’s actions are characterized by:
– its focus on future generations
– its continuous research
– its dynamic social and cultural context for the whole community
– its connections with international and local stakeholders


How we operate


The Foundation operates in three ways:
– interaction with international and local artists
– experimentation through innovative exhibition projects, a public program and a specialized library.
– education through meetings and initiatives aimed at raising and broadening the awareness of contemporary art


In the building that hosts the Foundation, art and architecture come together to create an evocative place. The geographical position, the lush natural context combined with the choice of materials and the intervention of international artists, make it unique.



Antonio Dalle Nogare’s lifelong dream has always been to build, in his hometown, a space animated by contemporary art and open to artists, curators, art lovers and dreamers like himself.




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