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Summer Series 2021

31.07 — 28.08.2021

Who needs a vacation, when Fondazione Antonio Dalle Nogare hosts the Summer Series?
The matinees dedicated to contemporary art are back: two appointments, between July and August, will make you discover this fascinating world, with themed guided tours and related movie screenings. This year the talks will also be available online, for those who cannot attend in person, and the movies related to the topics covered in the talk will be available as always in streaming for 24 hours.



This year we’ll find out together how the two artistic techniques par excellence – painting and sculpture – have evolved over the course of the last century, with a focus on the post-war period, until today.



In the last 150 years, painting, often regarded as the queen of the visual arts, has experienced many changes, related to the appearance of new cultural and social factors, the invention of photography in 1839 or the spread of techniques such as ready-made and collage. In short, painting is a medium that has lived through and therefore reflects the great changes of the 1900s, and still does so today, on the threshold of the current digital revolution.



In the second appointment of the Summer Series, we will analyze how the same changes have radically transformed another artistic technique par excellence, sculpture. How did we get from Auguste Rodin’s The Thinker to Sol Lewitt’s Incomplete Open Cubes in just 60 years? What makes an object like Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain a work of art? What messages do the metal Balloon Dogs by Jeff Koons hide? Let’s find out together at Fondazione Antonio Dalle Nogare.



First event: Saturday 31.7
A painting is a painting is a painting – The evolution of painting



Second event: Saturday 28.8
The mighty hand – The evolution of sculpture



For each event, the Foundation will offer a thematic guided tour – in Italian and German – open to all and free of charge; places are limited, booking is recommended. On the webpages related to the two events there will be further material to download, in order to discover more on the themes addressed during the talks.


At the end of each event, a movie dedicated to the topics discussed will be shown at the Foundation: it will also be available from the comfort of your home, in free streaming, for 24 hours.



To ensure the safety of all visitors, participation to the special is by reservation only, by writing an email to or by calling +39 0471 971 626. At 10.00 AM the tours will be held in German, at 11.30 AM in Italian.


Fondazione Antonio Dalle Nogare will be open all summer long and can be visited during regular opening hours or by appointment.



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