The mighty hand – The evolution of sculpture


Haim Steinbach, tonkong rubbermaid I-3, 2007 – 2017

The morning talks dedicated to contemporary art are back at Fondazione Antonio Dalle Nogare: two sessions, between July and August, will take you on a journey into this fascinating world.



If in the past year the Summer Series were dedicated to the main themes to be found in the artworks from Antonio Dalle Nogare’s private collection (conceptual art, body and time), this edition we want to take a closer look at the artistic techniques themselves. The two classical disciplines par excellence – painting and sculpture – are in fact the ones that have evolved the most over the course of the last century. We will trace the development of these media by taking as an example the artists exhibited in the collection and analyzing individual techniques and materials, focusing of course on the post-war period, all the way to the present.



The second meeting, The mighty hand – The evolution of sculpture, will take place on Saturday August 28, 2021, at 11.30 a.m. in Italian (2.30 p.m. in German) in the Foundation’s library, and will be dedicated to the practice of sculpture, which over the last hundred years, with the extension of the concept of “sculpture”, has changed all the aspects that define it, reaching a real revolution. And so, in just a glance, we pass from the work of the stonemason to the ready-made, from the bronze of Rodin’s The Thinker to Danh Vo’s installations. Together with the participants in the meeting, we will analyse and study these developments.



„Actual space is intrinsically more powerful and specific than paint on a flat surface.”
Donald Judd



To ensure the safety of all visitors, participation to the Summer Series is by reservation only (places are limited), by writing to or calling +30 0471 971 626.




Following the meeting, there will be a screening of the movie Eva Hesse by Marcie Begleiter, in collaboration with the film and contemporary art festival Lo schermo dell’arte, which revisits the themes discussed during the talk. The film will play in loop until 6 PM. For those who can’t come to the Foundation, the movie will be available HERE for 24 hours.



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