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Antonio Dalle Nogare, founder and president of the Foundation, first became interested in contemporary art at the age of twenty. He is particularly drawn to the conceptual and minimal art of the 1960s and ‘70s which is largely represented in his collection, but is equally attracted to the world of young artists, on account of their highly contemporary, post-conceptual style.


As a place to share his passion for art, he starts the construction of the museum, a work of extraordinary architectural power, that opens in Bolzano in 2011. From the opening of the private museum until 2017, the space welcomes many artists to interact with its architecture, take inspiration, exchange ideas and formulate projects that culminate in the creation of different works of art.


It is with a spirit of greater openness towards the territory that Antonio Dalle Nogare decides, in 2018, to inaugurate the Foundation, under the artistic direction of the curator Vincenzo de Bellis. Thanks to the Foundation, the museum’s activities are implemented: production in support of young international artists, monographic exhibitions on the great protagonists of art, a multidisciplinary public program as well as an increasingly intense educational program.

Vincenzo de Bellis, Olivier Mosset, Antonio Dalle Nogare. Fondazione Antonio Dalle Nogare, 2019, Ph.: Luca Meneghel



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