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Fondazione Live «Frame to Frame» 19. - 26.03.2021

19.03 — 26.03.2021



19.03.2021 – 26.03.2021
A week long series of newsletters focusing on contemporary experimental cinema.
In collaboration with Trento Film Festival, Vienna Shorts, Fondazione In Between Art Film, IFFI, Lago Film Fest, Diametrale, Lo schermo dell’arte, sixpackfilm
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26.03.2021 – 6 PM CET
Online lecture with Christoph Huber (curator at Filmmuseum, Vienna) and Mark Toscano (Film preservationist, Los Angeles)

The lecture will be held in English
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Duration: about 2 hours with a little break between the two lectures



Fondazione Antonio Dalle Nogare proposes FRAME TO FRAME, a digital week-long event dedicated to experimental cinema and inspired by animation pioneer Robert Breer’s TIME OUT exhibition, currently on view at the Foundation.

The event will last from March 19 to 26, 2021. The Foundation will share a newsletter with its audience every day, whose contents are put together thanks to the involvement of various national and international film festivals and institutions such as Trento Film Festival, Vienna Shorts, Fondazione In Between Art Film, IFFI, Lago Film Fest, Diametrale, Lo schermo dell’arte, sixpackfilm.


Each newsletter sees the engagement of a single festival that will be invited, in the form of an interview, to present its own context and offer a little insight into contemporary experimental cinema.


FRAME TO FRAME ends with an online lecture on March 26, 2021, after a week of introductions and insights. Contrary to the content offered by the various festivals involved the lecture will be an excursion into the history of experimental cinema: Christoph Huber, curator at the Filmmuseum Vienna and Mark Toscano, film preservationist from Los Angeles, will take the virtual guests to discover the origins of experimental cinema.

Christoph Huber, curator at Filmmuseum Vienna
Robert Breer was a director of experimental films who re-imagined the expressive possibilities of cinema in the post-war period. In the process, he continued to develop innovative ideas that had been shaped to become “absolute film” in the 1920s by artists such as Hans Richter or Marcel Duchamp. A time travel through the diverse approaches of the cinematographic avant-garde: What is experimental film?


Recommended literature

In German:
– Hans Richter: Filmgegner von heute – Filmfreunde von morgen. Fischer Verlag, 1968/1981. (Re-Editions of the 1929 book).
– Peter Weiss: Avantgarde Film. Edition Suhrkamp, 1995. (German Translation, originally published in Swedish in 1956.)
– Hans Scheugl, Ernst Schmidt jr.: Eine Subgeschichte des Films. Lexikon des Avantgarde-, Experimental- und Undergroundfilms. Suhrkamp, 1974. (2 Volumes)


In English:
– P. Adams Sitney: Visionary Film. The American Avant-Garde. Oxford University Press, 1974
– Scott MacDonald: A Critical Cinema 2. Interviews with independent Filmmakers. University of California press, 1992.



Mark Toscano, film preservationist, Los Angeles
Robert Breer began making animated films in 1952, initially as an extension of his painting practice.  Within a very short period of time, he became an influential pioneer in the medium, defining and redefining its possibilities over a fifty year career in film. This talk will examine the relationship between Breer’s art and film practices, his influence and relevance as an animator, and his radical exploration of the dimension of time.

FRAME TO FRAME – ONLINE LECTURE with Cristoph Huber (Curator Filmmuseum, Vienna)

FRAME TO FRAME – ONLINE LECTURE with Mark Toscano (Film preservationist, Los Angeles)



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