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Fondazione Live «Res Alba» Sound performance by dark matter 18.01.2019


Starting in January 2019, the Antonio Dalle Nogare Foundation opens its doors a bit further by inviting you to a new series of events titled Fondazione Live, one Friday per month. During these events the installation FAULT LINE by Rayyane Tabet will be animated and interpreted by various personalities with different artistic backgrounds. Additionally, the entire collection will be open to the public from 10 AM to 10.30 PM. As every Friday, the Foundation offers a free guided tour of the exhibition at 6.00 PM – no registration required.


The first edition of FONDAZIONE LIVE is going to be “Res Alba”, a sound performance by the electronic trio dark matter, a renowned avant-garde project by the South Tyrolean sound artists Federico Campana, Andrea Beggio and Hannes Kerschbaumer. For Fondazione Live, the three musicians create an analogy to the “desert” of 120 tons of marble dust by Rayyane Tabet. Using technices like granular sound synthesis they are creating their own, layered soundscapes, measuring the space of the installation, tracing its smallest particles and superimposing an additional level on the exhibition space in the basement. Crackling, trickling, crunching: the white marble sand finds its accoustic counterpart, both monumental and microscopic.


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