On 9 December the Foundation offers a free guided tour of the Re-Materialization of Language. 1978-2022 exhibition with the curators Andrea Viliani and Cristiana Perrella at 7 PM. Following at 8 PM there will take place the performance by Tomaso Binga.

Collezionisti e patrimoni culturali A conversation with Antonio Dalle Nogare


A series of online meetings


curated and presented by Marianna Agliottone
curator, scholar of the phenomena of collecting, professor of Economics of Culture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples and of Economics and the Art Market at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari.


“Collezionisti e patrimoni culturali” is now in its third round. From the rooms of Palazzo Caracciolo in Avellino, home of the Fondazione Morra Greco, some of the most famous contemporary collectors on the Italian scene talk about their collecting experience, their connections with artists and the locations of their collections.


The next appointment will take place on Saturday January 23, 2021, at 11. 30 AM and will feature a conversation with Antonio Dalle Nogare, President of the Antonio Dalle Nogare Foundation.


To participate in the online meeting:
ID: 926 6769 5649
Passcode: 123384


*conversation in Italian



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