On 9 December the Foundation offers a free guided tour of the Re-Materialization of Language. 1978-2022 exhibition with the curators Andrea Viliani and Cristiana Perrella at 7 PM. Following at 8 PM there will take place the performance by Tomaso Binga.

Bolzano Danza
«All the Way Around»


JULY 17 2022 AT 9 PM



We’re very happy to announce that the Antonio Dalle Nogare Foundation will host during the festival Bolzano Danza/Tanz Bozen the first Italian premiere of the performance All the Way Around.


In an intimate concert setting, American choreographer and dancer Meg Stuart meets jazz musicians Doug Weiss on double bass and Mariana Carvalho on piano. Together, they go on an uncharted journey into movement and sound. All the Way Around takes the ballad, a song of longing and defiance, and breaks it down into small but meaningful gestures. Tracing and unfurling spirals of memory, All the Way Around opens a door to return our collective experience to the level of the personal. Taking a deep dive into what was, riding the waves between the almost-remembered and the unknown.

The Antonio Dalle Nogare Foundation will offer a free guided tour to interested participants as a preview of the show at 8 PM.


Admission to the show € 5,00
Tickets are available online or at the ticket office of Teatro Comunale in Bolzano.
For further information and ticket reservations for All the Way Around please visit the the website of the festival.



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