Opening & Conversation David Lamelas. I Have to Think About It. Part II


Ph: Hannes Ochsenreiter
Design: Studio Mut

David Lamelas
I Have to Think About It
Part II


curated by Andrea Viliani with Eva Brioschi

Opening Part II, Saturday 30 September 2023, 11.00 a.m.



On September 30, the Antonio Dalle Nogare Foundation presents the new display of the exhibition David Lamelas. I Have to Think About It, the first Italian retrospective exhibition devoted to Argentinean artist David Lamelas.


The exhibition, curated by Andrea Viliani with Eva Brioschi, develops in space across all floors of the Fondazione, and branches outdoors and back into the exhibition rooms. This facilitates a dialogue between Lamelas’ works and those of the artists in the collection. In time, the show reshapes and expands: unlike what happens normally, the exhibition will last a considerably longer time, and will be taking on different configurations. Some of the artist’s most important historical works are presented alongside new productions and an unprecedented programme of live events. Referring back to the principles that inspire this practice, the exhibition that opened in May 2023 will also be presented in a second setup in September 2023, with the simple title Part II.


During the opening the Foundation features at 11.00 AM a conversation between the artist and the curators Sabine Breitwieser and Andrea Viliani about the work Office of Information about the Vietnam War at Three Levels: The Visual Image, Text and Audio (1968).



With support of Autonomous Province South Tyrol, Südtirol Fenster and Wohnatelier.



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