Antonio Dalle Nogare

Antonio Dalle Nogare, founder and president of the Antonio Dalle Nogare Foundation, first became interested in contemporary art at the age of twenty. He was particularly drawn to the conceptual and minimalist art of the 1960s and ‘70s which is heavily represented in his collection, but he was equally attracted by the world of young artists on account of their highly contemporary, post-conceptual style.


To create a place in which to share his love for art, Antonio began work on the construction of a combined house and art museum in Bolzano with a strikingly original design. The complex was opened in 2011 and shortly afterwards, he asked Vincenzo De Bellis to supervise its exhibition program. The two men have enjoyed a relationship of mutual professional esteem ever since.


From its opening up until 2017, the house invited numerous artists to come and stay, so they could interact with the structure, find inspiration, exchange ideas and formulate projects that would culminate in the creation of a wide range of different artworks.


In the following year, determined to create an even closer bond with the local area, Antonio set up a Foundation that fulfilled his goals completely, including production activities to support young international artists, experimental residences, projects with a social focus and an increasingly intense teaching programme.

La casa

Literally hewn into the porphyry rock, this is a place where art and architecture come together in a magical atmosphere. Its geographical position, the surrounding nature, the choice of the materials used and the numerous works of international artists, all combine to make it truly unique.


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