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Antonio Dalle Nogare

The Foundation

The Antonio Dalle Nogare Foundation was established to promote contemporary art as a language for interpreting changes in society, as a tool for promoting interaction between art, architecture, innovation and artistic research and as a means for encouraging a wide range of the general public to take part.

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Literally hewn into the porphyry rock, this is a place where art and architecture come together in a magical atmosphere. Its geographical position, the surrounding nature, the choice of the materials used and the numerous works of international artists, all combine to make it truly unique.


Antonio Dalle Nogare

Antonio Dalle Nogare’s lifelong dream has always been to build, in his hometown, a space animated by contemporary art and open to artists, curators, art lovers and dreamers like himself.

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One of the Foundation’s main points of interest is the library. It houses a fully catalogued collection of one thousand and two hundred contemporary art books that can be consulted in situ by students, teachers, curators, artists and anyone else who is interested in art.


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Robert Barry, Beyond, Instead, Possible…, Fondazione Antonio Dalle Nogare, 2014

Antonio Dalle Nogare, Dan Graham, 2008. Ph: Pietro Perra

Dawn Kasper, "& sun & or THE SHAPE OF TIME", Fondazione Antonio Dalle Nogare, 2015. Ph. Claire Waterworth

Massimo Minini (Galleria Massimo Minini, Brescia), Landon Metz, 2014, Fondazione Antonio Dalle Nogare

Marcello Jori, Project room Moldau on Moldau, 2014

Landon Metz, Artist residency, Fondazione Antonio Dalle Nogare, 2014

Fondazione Antonio Dalle Nogare Press Kit