Fondazione Live «Carpet Stories» 14.12.2019


When Rosalind Krauss was in a relationship with Robert Morris, she took the famous picture of him wearing a helmet and chains. That image had nothing to do with the message it was transmitting, but in the heated artistic climate of the 70s it had a lot of impact. On the other hand, it were the years during which artists and gallerists had been busy trying to answer conceptual and non-conceptual questions. The often excellent, results are nowadays preserved in the best collections, such as that of Antonio Dalle Nogare and exhibited in the best museums, such as Mart.


“Carpet Stories” is the narration of three American stories of art and innovation. The protagonists are Robert Morris, Seth Siegelaub, Richard Artschwager and some of their worst enemies.


Denis Isaia is curator at Mart in Rovereto.
The talk will take place in Italian and will be followed by a light brunch.


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